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Genuine clearance offer, we need the space!
Look! You get all this for just $49!
$49 includes postage and tracking Australia Wide!
  1. Australia Comprehensive Catalogue, in 3 massive volumes, most recent edition, weighs 2kg, original price $99
  2. A pair of high quality stainless steel Solingen Tweezers, long 150mm sharp point. RRP $16.50
  3. Illuminated magnifier on Stand, RRP $35
  4. Perforation Gauge, RRP $2.95
  5. 250g Australia unpicked Mission Mix off paper, older mixture, worth $7.50
  6. 15 different British Commonwealth Miniature sheets, mint unhinged worth $30
  7. A pair of Australia 1999 Navigators Imperforate Minisheets, worth $10
  8. 250g Prinz Clear Mounts, mixed sizes worth $45
  9. 5 Different AAT unaddressed F/Day Covers, worth $10
  10. 5 Different Netherlands F/ Day covers, worth $10

Total of all of the above, $265.95 for just $49…post paid!
First 100 customers only….be quick!
Order reference ABS1, the 10 items as above
Order reference  ABS2, Two Lots as above, get one for a friend! $95

TO ORDER Please contact Kevin Morgan on ...
Phone:  0425 795 693
Fax:  (03) 9758 7506

Post:  PO BOX 1290, Upwey, Victoria, Australia, 3158 

Download an Order Form now!
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